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Schloss Leuk, Freitag 20h30 (part 1)
Schloss Leuk, Freitag 23h00 (part 2)

dissonArt ensemble (GR)



Collaborative Miniature Project
A thoroughly innovative idea, designed especially for the 48th Dimitria Festival in collaboration with Dimitri Papageorgiou. First performance abroad at Forum Wallis. In open (on-line) communication with composers from the length and breadth of the globe, the Thessalonian musicians of the dissonArt ensemble originally selected 111 miniatures, short original themes, which they will develop theatrically and present in an unpredictable concert, filled with sounds and melodies from the four corners of the earth. “Around the world in music” is the core idea behind the activity of the dissonArt ensemble, whose slogan is “looking for listeners who perceive music as an adventurous quest, not a passive emotional response”.

Download the short bios of all the original participant composers (PDF, 804KB)



Yiannis Anisegkos
Alexandros Stavridis
Lenio Liatsou
Thodoris Patsalidis
Vasilis Saitis
Yiannis Hatzis


in collaboration with



Based in Thessaloniki/Greece, the dissonArt ensemble was founded in the beginning of 2005 with the intention to disseminate the stylistic diversity of new music in Greece as well as internationally. Following the model of similar contemporary orchestral groups, the ensemble is organized around a core of 8 soloists and associated partners, with a flexible internal structure. Its programmes aim to promote works of recognized as well as emerging composers. Although its repertoire comprises all aspects of 20th and 21st century music, it also entails a special focus on Greek composers. Collaborations with groups of other artistic disciplines (dance, video-art, etc) that result in the creation of original works are among the main objectives of the dissonArt ensemble, as are pedagogical projects. To the latter end, the ensemble regularly performs student works at the Composition Workshops organized by the Thessaloniki Music Megaron and participates in seminars for performers who want to gain insight into modern performance practices and , in the past two years , have been working in collaboration with the Contemporary Music Lab of the Department of Music at the Aristotle Univerity of Thessaloniki. The dissonArt ensemble has already made several appearances in Greece and abroad, including festivals such as Ensembl[:E]uropa (Cologne 2008), Klangspuren (Innsbruck 2007), 4020. mehr als Musik (Linz, 2008), Athens Festival (2007), Dimitria Festival of Thessaloniki (2006), Patmos Festival of Religious Music (2006), Guitar Plus (2006), a.o They have also appeared in concert halls such as the Brucknerhaus (Linz), Minoritensaal (Graz), Thessaloniki Music Megaron, WDR3 a.o. For 2011 dissonArt is "ensemble in residence" of Thessaloniki Music Megaron. The dissonArt ensemble is in an ongoing search for listeners who understand music as an adventurous quest and not as a passive emotional response.


62 miniatures
50 Swiss premieres
12 world premieres (WP/UA)


Abbasi, Anahita
Anatrini, Alessandro
Anissegos, Antonis
Anissegos, Jannis
Bhagwati, Sandeep (UA)
Buckett, Austin
Campbell, Daniel
Cerkezoglu, Ugur
Costanza, Federico
Driscoll, Rebekah
Economou, Dimitris
Epiney, Thierry (UA)
Evanoff, Ray
Feliz, Juro Kim
Giles, Vincent
Macedo, Joaquin
Hagen, Javier
Hofer, Markus (UA)
Tenaglia, Luis
Kai, Jun-K
Keller, Max E (UA)
Kerschbaumer, Hannes
Kesikli, Egemen
Kittos, Haris
Krüger, Matthias S. (UA)
Lapidakis, Michalis
Lee, Kar Tai (Phoebus) (UA)
Lee, Ui-Kyung
Llewellyn, Becky (UA)
Longo, Marco
Maggio, Francesco
Maronidis, Dimitris
Mayer-Spohn, Ulrike
Mercado, German
Muschenich, Markus
Nicolaou, Vassos
Özdemir, Berk
Papadimitriou, Lefteris
Papadopoulos, Ioannis
Papageorgiou, Dimitri
Pecin, Paolo
Pelish, Valentin
Pressley, Richard
Ralli, Eleni
Rouvelas, Antonis
Saleri, Mauro
Sami El Kholi, Wael (UA)
Seglias, Zesses
Sehyung, Kim
Schiess, Christophe (UA)
Sistermanns, Johannes S. (UA)
Sisiki, Elena
Skordis, Andys
Smite, Gundega
Strootman, Aart
Toufektsis, Orestis
Tukhanen, Timo
Vazquez Salvagno, Jorge Diego
Viglino, Pascal (UA)
Wicomb, Pierre-Henri (UA)