DONNERSTAG - 12 Mai 2016 - 20h - Schloss Leuk





NN, Uraufführung



Jill Richards, piano
Christophe Fellay, percussion/electronics



Christophe Fellay is a sound artist, musician, composer and performer living in Switzerland. He has composed music for orchestras, string ensembles, string quartet, chamber orchestras, jazz ensembles and solo instruments. He made several interdisciplinary works as well as sound installation and performances. His own artistic area focuses on acoustics, architecture and interaction between human and machines. His work has been performed internationally in London, Edinburgh, Paris, Montreux, Copenhagen, Zürich, Geneva, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Buenos Aires, Santa Fé, Johannesburg, Pretoria. He has been artist in residence at the Red House in New York, Steim Institute in Amsterdam, Swissnex and Exploratorium in San Francisco. Christophe has a Master degree of Art in Music obtained at the Montreux Conservatory, Jazz Department and is currently working on a PhD research in music and performance at the Brunel University London. He gave lectures, seminars and masterclasses at Brunel University, London, Edinburgh University and Tswanee University Pretoria among others. Christophe teaches at Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais – ECAV, sound department where he is in charge of research. He gives music lessons for the dance department at Sion Conservatory of music.


Jill Richards.